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Friday, 27 May 2016

Mars once hosted habitable environments, reveals study!

A new study has revealed that Mars had habitable environments with liquid water once upon a time. Scientists behind the study say that they have found evidence for widespread buried deposits of iron- and calcium-rich carbonates on the Red planet.

"Identification of these ancient carbonates and clays on Mars represents a window into history when the climate on Mars was very different from the cold and dry desert of today," said Janice Bishop of the SETI Institute in the US.

Carbonates beneath the surface of Mars points to a warmer and wetter environment in that planet's past. The presence of liquid water could have fostered the emergence of life.

Scientists believe that if water did once flow on the surface of Mars, the planet's bedrock should be full of carbonates and clays, which would be evidence that Mars once hosted habitable environments with liquid water.