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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Extra-terrestrials will take at least 1,500 years to reach Earth, claim astronomers

Astronomers say that extra-terrestrials will take at least 1,500 years to reach Earth, so if you were in the hope of seeing UFO's and aliens, you will have to wait for at least this amount of time.

A team of researchers from Cornell University made this assumption by deconstructing the Fermi paradox and paring it with the mediocrity principle into a fresh equation.

The Fermi paradox says billions of Earth-like planets exist in our galaxy yet no aliens have contacted or visited us. Thus the paradox: the cosmos teems with possibility.

The mediocrity principle is the idea that because we are not in any special location in the universe, we should not be anything special in the universe, reported.

“We haven't heard from aliens yet, as space is a big place. But that doesn't mean no one is out there," said Cornell student Evan Solomonides who presented the study at the American Astronomical Society's meeting in San Diego, California, recently.

Hunting for extra-terrestrials means sending out signals like television broadcasts, for example.
As Earth's electronic ambassador, TV and radio signals are sent into space as a by-product of broadcast.